Bunny Blake

(202) 695-2323 bunnyblakedc@gmail.com

With over 20 years software development experience, strong writing and communication skills and a passion for creative multimedia, I am excited to help bring your project to life.


She Freelances

Developer / Co-Designer

Built and co-designed a promotional site for women and non-binary freelancers in the DC metropolitan area. Over 100 freelancers have signed up to promote themselves on the site, which was built using a custom Wordpress theme and the wp-job-manager plugin.

Fillmore Arts Center


Worked with non-technical faculty to untangle and modify an existing WordPress theme. Assisted in setting up a MAMP development server in order to transition to a new sie design. Provided frontend and backend support as needed to deploy the new site design.

Black Student Fund


Helped develop curriculum and assisted instructor for "The Videogame Institute," a Python-based day camp to introduce middle school students to computer programming. Developed and taught an Intro to Game Development workshop using Unity and C#.

Slutwalk DC

Web Developer / Admin

Designed, implemented and administered the group's web presence. Worked with the group to develop a custom WordPress theme based on existing brand identity.

United States International Trade Commission (USITC)

Developer / Administrator

Full stack development in a diverse network architecture including Linux, HP/UX and Windows servers hosting Oracle and MS-SQL databases, driving applications written in Java Server Pages, Perl and ASP.NET. Involved in requirements gathering, project management and testing of the EDIS 2 system, a COTS document management system with users internal and external to the USITC.


Working Americans: Politics and Politicians


Contributed fifteen chapter length biographies representing various careers in and around politics, for a library reference anthology.

Novels Into Film: Adaptations & Interpretations

Contributing author

Contributed two essays to a critical anthology, comparing the source novel vs film adaptations of Blade Runner and The Hunger Games.

Great Athletes of the Twenty-First Century

Contributing author

Contributed twenty biographical essays of athletes across professional and amateur sports.

Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists

Technical Editor

Edited a textbook on the ChucK audio programming language for technical accuracy and accessibility for the target audience.

Multimedia / Other Projects

(commission, digital art)

(commission, digital art)

(commission, audio)

(software synthesizer plugin in Max/MSP)

(commission, film soundtrack)


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Mobile-First, Responsive Design
  • Cross Browser Testing & Debugging
  • Source Control via GitHub or Atlassian Bitbucket